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We provide high quality CPR (BLS and Heartsaver) courses, professional notary services and assistance with advance directives and living wills. INFIRM Health solutions is committed to providing quality affordable services.

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What We Provide


CPR/First Aid

We train individuals in administering life-saving techniques through our high quality first aid and CPR courses. Our instructors incorporate simple and fun strategies to help convey each technique and concept in a way that is memorable. Students walk away with the assurance and confidence of being able to perform life-saving skills. Contact us today to schedule your course!

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Notary Service

At IHS, we provide professional notary services at an affordable price. These services include administering oaths, acknowledgements, affirmations, proving identity, performing marriages and more. Our notary is commissioned under the state of Georgia in Lowndes County.

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Advance Directives/Living Wills

An advance directive, also known as a health care directive or living will, is a legal document which states an individual’s wishes in regards to medical treatment. This document is used in the event that the individual is incapacitated or unable to communicate those wishes to a physician. End-of-life care can also be stated in a living will. This document must contain at least one witness and/or the signature and stamp of a notary public. Our staff can provide you with the necessary information and answers to help you make informed decisions regarding your advance directive.

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Reviews From Our Valued Clients


The instructor was very knowledgeable and made learning the content fun.

Janice K.

I really enjoyed the way the course was presented. Great feedback and interaction!

Christopher M.

I needed a renewal for my CPR/AED certification. INFIRM Health provided the high quality training I was looking for. Great instructor!

Wesley J.


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